Interactive Websites

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Interactive Websites

Website Sample Activity
BBC Schools

Find interactive leaning activities across the curriculum for K-8 students at this BBC site.

What Is Weather
Learn about precipitation, clouds, temperature and more. (K-2)


Explore hundreds of interactive educational games as well as links to other interactive resources appropriate for grades K-5.

The Crazy Counting Machine
Make the number on the Crazy Counting Machine in the fewest steps possible.


A website with Interactive online activities across the curriculum for students grades K-8.

Put on your Thinking Cap

Learn about mean, median and mode with an interactive activity. (4-6)

Engaging Learners the Smartboard Way

This site has a number of links to interactive websites that work well with the SMARTBoard for grades K-8!

A Walk In The Woods

Talk a virtual walk in the woods! (K-2)

Family Education Kids

Interactive math, science and language arts games to use on the SMARTBoard for grades K-6.

Make the most words and earn the title "King of the Monsters." (2-6)


This site has over 100 interactive math activities for K-8 students.


Match numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations. (k-6)

Johnnies Math Page

Browse through hundreds of links to Interactive math activities for K-8 students and teachers.

Base 10 Blocks
Drag skinnies and bits on to the mat to make numbers! (1-3)
Kinetic City

This site has a collection of science experiments, games and projects for students in grades 3–5.

All Systems Go!
Help Arnold get his body parts back by identifying organs in various body systems. (3-5)
Math Slice

Interactive tools to teach and practice math skills such as telling time, basic facts, number patterns and fractions. Great for students in grades K-5.

Play against the computer to see who can place the 21st brick! (1-5)
Mr. Anker's Tests

Interactive math, language arts and social studies activities for grades K-6.

Fill in the blank with the correct homophone. (3-6)
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This site has computer-based math manipulatives and interactive learning tools for grades K-6. This site can can also be viewed in Spanish.


Learn about money by counting and making change. (2-4)

PBS WhiteBoard Games

On this site you will find a list of PreK-2 Language Arts, Social Studiesand Math games, as well as a description of the skills the games reinforce.

How Tall

Practice your estimation and measurement skills. (K-1)

Primary Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Here you will find Topmarks Educational Search engine for interactive, online activities. There are links to math, language arts, and science lesson for grades K-4.

Numbers 1-20

Learn how to write numbers 1-20. (K-1)

Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites

Check out these 15-30 minute, no preparation needed, interactive lessons across the curriculum! Use your tablet and projector for a quick whole class lesson!

Bones Travels On

This interactive, choose your own adventure is about a dog named Squirrel. (3-5)

Story It.

A wealth of language arts word games, story starters, poems and more for K-2 students and teachers.

Word Magnets Short A

Use the word magnets for phonics reinforcement and sentence building practice. (K-2)


A website with interactive math games for grades 3-8.

Click Applets for a list of games!

Make Five

Play one or two player addition, subtraction or multiplication connect five. (3-6)


Links to fun, educational quizzes, games and logic puzzles for grades K-6

Do an online Revolutionary War Crossword Puzzle (4-6)