P.E. News & Updates

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 A few reminders as we begin our new school year. The students at Indian Grove School have Physical Education class every day, so please help your child come prepared with their gym shoes (no keens or crocs please). Also, if you child must be excused from activities due to an illness or injury, please communicate that with us. For a one day excuse, please send an e-mail or write a note. For excuses longer than one day, a doctor’s note is required and should be sent to the school nurse. Thank you for your cooperation and hope for a wonderful school year for your child.


Throwing/ Catching and Basic Locomotor Movements 

The students in Kindergarten as well as Grades 1 & 2 begin the school year by practicing basic locomotor movements and moving safely throughout the gym. During this time we also concentrate on balance activities as well as lessons focusing on teaching right and left. Next, we focus on throwing and catching. We teach the underhand and overhand throw and practice these throws using a variety of objects.

Flag Football – Grades 3-5

Our first unit of the year for Grades 3-5 is Flag Football.  We begin the unit by teaching the skills of throwing, catching, punting, kicking off tees, centering the football, and running basic pass patterns.  The second half of the unit starts with combining these skills into modified games. During this time, students learn about offense and defense and using strategies for the various games. During the final week of the unit, 4th and 5th Grade students combine everything learned into a Flag Football Game.