Grover Community Service News

GCSG Pledge

I aim to serve my school and better my community. I shall always speak kindly to others and treat them as I wish to be treated. I will take care of my environment and respect nature. I pledge to do these things throughout the day, everyday because I am a Grover Community Service Group member.



Spring Backpack Clip Sale

 Grover Community Service Group (GCSG) will be selling backpack clips. There are four clips to choose from; rainbow, owl, I.G., and bears football.  In order for the GCSG club to keep up with the demand, we are doing a pre-order only.  Please use the form in the documents link to order your backpack clips. Please send the form and your money (CASH ONLY & EXACT CHANGE) in an envelope marked GCSG Backpack clips to Ms. Morano. Forms are due May 10th! We will be sending the clips home around the middle of May. All proceeds from this sale will benefit The PADS homeless shelter. The clips are first come, first serve, limited number available!!!! 


2018-2019 GCSG Members

All members of the Grover Community Service Group are assigned to a committee. Each committee has multiple jobs that they are responsible for throughout the year. Check out the documents page to view a list of our members in the committees which they have been assigned to as well as a photo (Coming Soon) of each committee.